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Here you will find videos and audios of Simon (Svoreign) Jepps' compositions or performances, including any other related musical works.

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Featured Material

Pianoboe 27.01.2014
The Hohner Superforce 37 Melodica is so unlike its honky predecessors, I feel it's worthy of a new name. I call it... The Pianoboe.

Jeppsian Thimbanjo 06.01.2014
The Jeppsian Thimbanjo is a stringed meditative instrument and an evolution of the Indian BulBul Tarang.

Jeppsian Kaval 02.06.2013
The Jeppsian Kaval is an end blown harmonic fipple flute which produces a lovely brushing-wind tone.
Jeppsian Chants 17.02.2012
Jeppsian chants are based upon the Arabian scale.