This website is a creative ezine, blog and forum which features the creative works of Simon Edward Jepps, also known to be Svoreign Jeppsian by spiritual transcendence. Simon E Jepps is a writer, webmaster, researcher, poet, musician and philosopher who is on a mission to encourage a more creative world, through music, film, art, books and spirituality. This website features all his published works and also an eclectic, engaging community ezine for those who share similar interests. This unique and friendly forum welcomes you to Without Capricorns.

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Teqarchiture 20.03.2014
Detailing the comprehensive website editorial and design services of Simon Edward Jepps, Mr.

Old Simon 26.12.2013
A warm and tangy, fizzy but mellow alcoholic drink, blessed with the age-old splendour of two very respected breweries.

The Electronic Cigar 16.12.2013
We have entered a new age. The age of smoke without disease. Or so the science says.

Studio Feature

Jeppsian Thimbanjo 06.01.2014
The Jeppsian Thimbanjo is a stringed meditative instrument and an evolution of the Indian BulBul Tarang.

• Works In Progress

φ The First Book Of Prophet Chess.
φ Manuscript book of Piano Accordion pieces.
φ Zaan ~ A superhero novelette.

Recent Works

twosThe Work Of Svoreign

The Work Of Svoreign is recognized as the entire official and complete spiritual teachings of the philosopher Simon Edward Jepps, known to be Svoreign Jeppsian by spiritual transcendence. This manuscript has evolved over time in order to be compiled and revised here as one complete work containing every religiously spiritual word, poem, passage and musical note ever to be produced by the mind of Jepps.

...in Books

chessProphet Chess

A modern evolution of the game of Chess, which compliments classical Chess genetics, offers uncountable more game scenarios, extensively varied and deep opening strategies, a greater character of unpredictability and many fascinating, magically logical puzzles.

...in Chess

artJepps Art

Simon Jepps' various artworks, ink sketches and related material, including awards.

...in Art

fpFor Peace

The full score collection of the four orchestral music manuscripts, amongst which features a Jeppsian chant, from The Jeppsian Book Of The Living.

...in Music