Quarantine Britain

This is not a joke. This is not propaganda. This is real.

kcalcBritain is amongst the top 10 countries for reported female rape alone, according to average statistics from numerous sources such as Wikipedia.


Britain is overrun by an institutional paedophilia crisis, the establishment on all levels is diseased. #PaedoBritain


Parliament computers access pornographic material every 20 seconds, calculated at 300,000 times a year divided by the average working day.


Education representatives believe children as young as 14 or even 12 should be taught the various benefits of explicit pornography.


Knife crime in Britain has been unprecedented over the last two decades, with an attack reported every 4 minutes in 2008.


Britain is an anti-social behaviour hotspot, almost half of population interviewed say ASB has increased dramatically nationwide.


According to the leading world charity OXFAM, the UK is on course to soon become the #1 most unequal country in the developed world and that the current gap between rich and poor is even worse than in Ethiopia.


What is written here is only a micro-fraction of the real situation in this country. Even foreign women visiting this country have been illegally detained, subjected to forced caesarean, and then had their children stolen by law and put up for adoption. If you are unaware of a serious social-institutional issue in this country then you are either a lying dirty rapist or child abuser, or are far too old to understand or to go outside and see the truth for yourself. Use your head. It's time to quarantine Britain and remove these children from British care.